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Fun and Easy Way to Build Your Ideal Body
Crossfit Tractor Tires

Tractor tires have long been a fun and effective tool for training. We carry tires of all shapes and sizes to meet your individual needs. With varying thicknesses, diameters, and weights, you could enjoy a wide range of work outs. Popular routines include, sledgehammering, flipping, and jumping. You can actually replace multiple plyo boxes with just one tire. There are several exercises you can do with a tractor tire to develop all aspects of your fitness:

  • Get Stronger With Tire Flips

    Cross Tire Flips

    Tire flips can be performed for a set number of repetitions, a predetermined length of time or a specific distance. Whichever method you choose, your legs, arms and back will benefit from this exercise.

  • Drag Your Way To Fitness

    Drag Your Tire

    Using a weighted sled is are a great way to overload your leg and back muscles. Walk backward while dragging the cross tire to work the front of your legs, or go forward to work the back of your legs.

  • It's Hammer Time

    Hammer Time

    Hitting a tire with a sledgehammer is not only an effective way to work your upper body and core, it also delivers a fun, effective and challenging cardiovascular workout for your entire body.

  • Jumping on a Tire

    Jumping on a Tire

    Jumping exercise are generally called plyometrics and help develop explosive power and speed. Tire jumping also develop agility. To get all benefits from your tire perform in-and-out jumps.

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We Can Find the Right Tire for You

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All our Tires are used, may have cuts and are worn but Clean and Ready to Go! Usually we Have 3 Basic Weight Ranges.

Delivery within 20 miles Included! If more than 20 miles - you pay just $2.00 per mile.

If You are looking for a Specific Size we'll probably be able to Get It for You.

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    • Up to 200 lbs - $75.00
    • 200-400 lbs - $100.00
    • 400-600 lbs - $125.00

Buy 3 or More Tires and Get 10% Discount!
20% discount for military and first responders.

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